H260 Launch Retrieval Screw-ups  

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The result of a momentary lapse
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This list corresponds to the basic checklist. It is a list of things I forgot or just plain screwed up. Some things are just embarrassing, others come under the category of "stuff happens".  Of course, I'm sure none of this stuff could happen to you -- I only put it here as part of my own 12 step program to become a better, more careful sailor. 


1 Park in an area with clear overhead access. Once I raised the mast under a power line and almost hit it before I noticed it. Another time I ran into a power line coming off the ramp - what a mess that was! Click the picture above. 
2 Keep a couple of the bungies that hold the furler to the mast near its base.  Once I remembered to leave a bungie on to hold the furler in place, but it was so high on the mast that I could not reach it - had to lower the mast to retrieve it. Couple of times the "T-ball" hook at top of furler came out and furler fell to the deck when sliding the mast back - some older H26 boats have a "T-ball" plug rather than the grey clip. Make sure you have them for all your mast slots. 
3 If you need to install the Windex/antenna, now is the time to dip the head of the mast down so it drops as close to the ground as possible. Forgot this a couple of times and decided it was not worth lowering the mast to install it
4 Pin the base. Don't forget the vang bracket. More than once I forgot to install the vang bracket, but the boat sails OK w/o it.
5 Attach bottom end of mainsheet to "U" bolt in anchor locker.  Mainsheet was tangled so I could not pull the gin pole down all the way. Had to lower mast, untangle mainsheet and start over.
6 Tension red jib halyard so pole is about 10 degrees aft of vertical. If you forget this you'll end up with a dent in the pole where it is inserted in the hole and or distort the hole.
7 Check that halyards and shrouds are not snagged on anything before raising mast. Bent turnbuckles can be the result. Once A shroud got caught up and I just kept cranking. The result was a bent pole. Just before getting the mast vertical re-check those turnbuckles
9 Once the mast is in the full vertical position, This is about the time you notice you forgot to insert the Windex
10 Pining furler. Make sure the drum line is facing the stern Twice I installed the furler drum reversed so it would not deploy - had start all over. 
11 Remove gin pole and crutch. Did this on the water once and the pole rolled off the deck into the water. 
12 Install Boom, Once forgot to install the mainsail Tac pin and did not notice it until sailing.
13 Open fuel tank vent and prime the gas line. The very first time I took the boat out with my wife, the engine died just as I was exiting the harbor. Quickly deployed the furler. Found out that the gas line was not seated well in the tank. 
14 Don't forget to take the fenders off. If you want to advertise your incompetence to other boaters, this is the perfect way to do it.
15 Verify that centerboard is secured in up position. Boat floated off trailer but centerboard dropped down and jammed itself into the mud.  Took 30 minutes to get straightened out. Lots of people watching with amusement. Also, when coming into dock, if you have shallow water raise the keel - I forget this 50 percent of the time.
16 If you forget to close the ballast tank valve, you'll have lots of water sloshing around in the bilge.  
17 Before launch disconnect trailer lights from vehicle, Good way to blow out some hot bulbs when the trailer hits the water. 
18 Park & lock vehicle. Couple of times I left the keys in the car. What fun!
20 Go Sailing!  More than once forgot to lower centerboard and could not figure why boat was being pushed sideways.

Retrieving the H260

7 Raise rudder & pin. Dragged rudder on ramp on the ramp took a four hours of epoxy and sanding to fix) 
9 Guide boat on trailer. Without an alignment guide the boat will not center well. Check here for some ideas.

Disclaimer: These instructions are for entertainment only. The author knows nothing about boats so you should take all of this with a grain of salt. Get some lessons. Use of any part of these procedures is at your own risk. Your decisions, adjustments and actions must be based strictly on your own knowledge and research. If you want to sue me, forget it as all my money is in a Swiss Bank Account or buried in a secret location, yada, yada, yada, etc, etc, etc,...