Docking under power

From Complete Sailing Manual, pg. 203
by Steve Sleight. A great primer on boat handling. This is a good book to add to your library. Lots of diagrams.
DK Publishing

Most people seem to have no problem docking, but for me it's usually "white knuckle" time. Always approach bow to tide or wind whichever is strongest. Sometimes it's better to take a test run past the dock to get a feel for the most dominant. When in doubt, assume tide is stronger. Also, my H260 backs very well, so I usually back into a wind when given the chance.

               Wind Direction --->

Wind Direction --->

Hardest approach. Keep speed up to maintain way to keep from drifting into boat. Turn at last minute. Use stopping mid spring and reverse if necessary. Sometimes it's better to stop amidships at end of the pier & use warp to manhandle boat into dock.

Easiest approach. maintain way turn at last minute and drift into dock. Use stopping mid spring & reverse. Never allow crew to stop boat manually - use warps or engine.