Equalizer Hitch
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Reduce hump and sway when towing
For the short 4 mile trip from my pole barn to the marina, a standard type III, 2 inch ball hitch is adequate. However, even with a 10 percent tongue weight I still get some sway over 55 mph. Uneven roads and passing trucks all increase the "pucker factor". I wanted a better setup for longer trips.

RV'ers have long known the advantages of using a Class III/IV, 2" x 2" Ball mount weight distribution hitch for heavy loads. RV trailers usually have electric brakes, but they seldom become submerged in four foot of water.  Weight distribution hitches are available from Reese, Draw-Tite and others but you should make sure they are certified for use with boat trailer surge brakes. One company that makes a weight distribution hitch that will work with surge breaks is the Equal-i-zer  lmade by Progress Mfg. located in Provo Utah.

I purchased the hitch from a third party vendor at a significant discount. Despite this, the manufacturer's customer service department provided outstanding support and advice. Their brochure showed the setup for "A Frame" travel trailers, so I e-mailed them pictures of the H260 "pole tongue" trailer, and they immediately responded with instructions for use on a boat trailer and answered all my questions. Installation was easy. I sent the Equal-i-zer  customer service pictures of my final installation and they came back with a couple of comments to help tweak it further. 

The product works as advertised. There is no substitute for common sense and caution when towing 6000 lbs, but the Equal-i-zer hitch helps stabilize the rig and I get little or no sway at any speed. I got a lot of experience with the hitch last summer and recommend it if you are going to do any long distance towing.

No, I don't own stock in the company -- I just think this is a well designed and well constructed product.

Equal-i-zer Hitch
Size: 1000lb/10000lb 

Pictures of "Pole Tongue" setup recommended by Manufacturer. Also available for "A" Frame type trailer tongue.