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H260 Preventer

"Jibe or Gybe -- To turn a boat to take the wind on the other side, with the stern going through the wind. Unless the jibe is controlled, the boom will bang over and the sudden change of forces can cause momentary lose of control. Otherwise a jibe is usually a safe maneuver."


The H260 uses the B & R rig which, according to the experts, has significant advantages which are outlined at the "Rigging" Link. 

However, one disadvantage I see with the B & R rig is that you can't get the boom all the way out when sailing downwind; as a result, if you let your attention wander you could end up with an unplanned Jibe.

I rigged up a boom preventer for each side that is easy to hook up and can quickly be switched to the other side when tacking.

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Connect Preventer to bale #6 or #7