Cabin Table

One of the pluses of the H260 is it's large cabin and the unusual horseshoe shaped seating arrangement. However, most H260 owners have a love-hate relationship with the cabin table.

I found it to be very versatile. In some versions of the boat you can lower it to make a huge bunk. Its size allows you to spread out maps and you can accommodate a good number of people around it without feeling crowded. The unusual shape also allows you to swing it out of the way to make more room in the cabin. More Pictures below.

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Table Prop Table in up

Strap keeps table
 from swaying
 in up position

View of Strap

On the other hand, this large table can get in the way and is very heavy. Also, The large cone shaped support underneath prevents the H260 version from dropping down far enough to use the table as a bed. Removing the cone makes the table wobbly and difficult to handle.

When the table is rotated 180 degrees it extends the "V" birth and makes a very large birth. My wife prefers this to the aft bunk where the low ceiling makes her feels claustrophobic. 

A number of owners have modified the table in various ways so it's easier to deal with.   If you are interested in other alternatives to dealing with the table, visit this link. There are some interesting and creative ideas there.

I've found that you can raise the table up out of the way simply by propping it up and using a strap to keep it from swaying from side to side when sailing. That's the way I keep it most of the time. In this position, people are amazed how much room there is in a 26' foot boat. 

I'd like to be able to drop it down to make a bunk, but then I'd have to remove the table support and that would lead to other problems such as getting it back up again. 

There might be an ultimate solution to this dilemma, but I just have not figured it out yet. In the meantime, I like the versatility of the table just as it is, as most of my time is spend day sailing - after a great day on the water we lower the table and can get 8 people around the table for cocktails or cards and not feel crowded.

All boats represent a number of compromises and I think Hunter has balanced form and function quite nicely.