Engine Throttle

The dealer delivered by boat with a good, reliable Evinrude 9.9 motor. I knew enough to install the E-Z steer so the motor turned with the rudder. However, because of the high freeboard when coming into the dock, you usually had your head down in the engine well adjusting the throttle - not a good position to ensure a safe landing.

There appear to be four options for H26/260 throttle: 


1. Dealer wanted to install it on the starboard side of the helm seat but it's too low for my taste and could interfere with opening the helm seat lid.

2. On stern rail: Works good because it's in the center of the boat, but I had to mark the F & R positions because I kept forgetting which is which. 

3. On Starboard rail: More intuitive for F & R but you have a 50% chance of being on the wrong side of the boat during docking.

4. Edson pedestal install. Most expensive/complex option by far, but probably the best of the choices if cost is no object.

I now have opt 2, but might switch to opt 3 next summer just to see if I like it better. Easy to switch back.