More on the H260 Magic Tilt Trailer

From time to time, an H260 without a trailer comes on the market. The purchaser then has to decide if a trailer is necessary. Some owners have purchased a trailer built to Hunter's specifications. Other's decide to modify a trailer designed for another boat. 

If you are in the latter group, these diagrams and pictures may help make the appropriate modifications. 

The drawing is not to scale but the dimensions are real.

Other dimensions:

  • Distance between axles = 32”

  • Distance from center of axles to bow eye = 15’

  • Location of front roller = 10’ 3” from center of axles

  • Rise from trailer to bow eye 45” 

  • Side Bunks are 2 x 8 

  • Bottom Bunk is 2 x 12

  • Length side bunks = 14’

  • Length bottom bunk = 13’

  • Bottom of bottom bunk from ground = 12” (equal to wheel hub height)

  • Dist from end of stern to side bunk = 13”

  • Dist from bow eye to front of bottom bunk = 46”  

  • Dist from aft riser to front bow roller = 18' - 8"

Fitting the boat to the trailer
The Hunter rests virtually all its weight on the side bunks. Someone told me it was a 80/20 ratio; I don't think anyone really knows. I've also been told that the centerboard only has about 60 pounds of lead in it. I can lift up the aft end of the keel with a pry bar a couple of inches - in other words, the bottom bunk is there just to keep the keel from dragging in the street. 

h260_keel 2008x672.jpg (60707 bytes)The front of the keel is off the bottom bunk a couple of inches. When I got the boat I thought this was wrong and checked with Hunter. The customer service people looked at other boats on the factory floor and assured me that they all come from the factory this way. 

The side bunks are one 14 foot 2 x 8. You should not have any problem fitting the bunk to the shape of the hull once you get the supports installed. Look carefully at how the supports are designed -- my guess is any good welder will be able to duplicate the curve using the dimensions above. Design the bunk supports so that you can adjust them when fitting the boat to the trailer. 

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