H260 VHF Installation

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Found the best installation location was over the stove. Easy access to power source and the antenna wire conduit is also very close. Hunter provides a 1.5 inch conduit from over the table to just above the stove. The conduit is partially blocked by the starboard stanchion bolts, but it is possible to feed the coax from the entry point over the table through the conduit and back to the exit point over the stove.

Acting on the advice of others I purchased the wireless mike which works just like cordless phone. Have DSC capability so hooked it to the GPS. This was good advice; however, since then I've come to the conclusion that If I had to do it over again, I'd skip the wireless mike and purchase a handheld VHF with DSC - they are about the same price and a great back up for the cabin mounted VHF. Also, the wireless mike only has about a four hour life so you can't leave it on.

Fitting for the VHF connection at the base of mast was a little hard to find but easy to install. I used Ancor 200250 bulkhead feed, and Ancor 200252 bulkhead feed cap. The Shakespeare "stubby" 4400 Mariner 3" antenna works well with the Davis Windex. Also, purchased back-up antenna. This came in handy when I had to motor with the mast down in Key West and parts of the ICW where there are lots of low bridges.