H260 Water System Overhaul

There are a lot of great things about the H260, but the hand pump water faucets are not one of them. The faucets that come with the boat never worked for me and the quick disconnect fittings leaked. In addition, there is no easy way to empty or clean the water tank - as a result, algae builds up in the system and the water gets stale. 

Using the experience of others, I installed a pressurized water system. This involved replacing the water lines, installing a pump and inline filters, new faucets and adding an access hole to the tank. I got all the fittings and tubing from Home depot and the shurflow pump from West Marine. The whole project went together in a day. Other H260 owners have added a accumulator pump but I found it was not necessary.

I think the pictures are self-explanatory, but if you have questions drop me a line at george@kobernus.com

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Water Tank

I want to be able easily clean the tank and quickly replace the water and sanitize the water if necessary. I used a roto-zip saw to cut the hole and got the access hatch from West Marine for $13.00. The clear plastic hatch allows you to see into the tank without removing the lid. I was surprised to see all the trash in the bottom of the tank. It looked like sand, but when I cleaned it out it felt like sawdust...I was able to evacuate and clean the tank with a Little Giant sump pump I use to empty my pool with. It fit through the hole and emptied the tank in about 20 minutes. I wiped the tank down with a 1:5 bleach solution and refilled it. 

A great addition to your library would be Peggy Hall's book "Getting Rid" of boat odors". For 20 bucks she'll help you keep your water and sanitation systems in good health. 

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